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Metal Locking Nuts

Metal Locking Nuts are a group of fully metal alternatives to nyloc nuts that are well-suited to critical and high-temperature applications.

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  • Aerotight Locking Nuts - Steel BZP

  • Aerotight Locking Nuts - Stainless Steel A1 (303)

  • Aerotight Locking Nuts - Stainless Steel A4 (316)

  • Philidas Turret Locking Nuts

  • Philidas Industrial Locking Nuts

  • Philidas MK V Locking Nuts

  • Binx Locking Nuts - Zinc Plated

  • Stover Locking Nuts - BZP

8 Item(s)

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Metal Locking Nuts are hexagon nuts that additionally feature a locking element, which is a section of thread that intentionally diverts from the true path of the thread.

  • Philidas nuts: A section of the thread is shifted parallel to the axis of rotation.
  • Aerotight nuts: A section of the thread is contracted radially
  • Binx nuts: a section of the thread is obround

    • In all three cases, as the male thread screws through the nut, it forces the locking element to align with its thread. The elasticity of steel allows this deformation but exerts an opposing force that grips the male thread. This locking effect will keep the nut in position, even if it is not tightened up against anything.

      Unlike nyloc nuts, metal locking nuts are suitable for high-temperature applications, which is why they are often used in critical applications, such as in the aerospace industry. Additionally, A4 Stainless Aerotight nuts are highly resistant to corrosive chemicals.