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Security Nuts

Security Nuts are internally-threaded fasteners that are resistant to removal by vandals and thieves. The main factors to consider when choosing your nut are whether you may want to remove it in the future and the level of corrosion resistance required (see info at bottom of page).

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  • Security Shear Nuts - Zinc Plated

  • Security Shear Nuts - Galvanised

  • Security Shear Nuts - Stainless Steel A2

  • Security Shear Nuts - Stainless Steel A4

  • Kinmar Permanent One Way Security Nut

  • Kinmar Removable Two Way Security Nut

  • Security Scroll (Wave) Nuts - Stainless Steel A2

  • Security Pin Torx Barrel Nuts

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Permanent Security Nuts

Permanent Security Nuts can never be removed, even by authorised persons.

Shear Nuts

Shear nuts are a well-established permanent solution. They are driven with a spanner or socket and the hexagonal part shears off at a pre-determined torque, leaving a tamper-proof cone. Please bear in mind that a small amount of bare metal will be exposed at the shear point. In stainless shear nuts, this is not a problem, as a protective chromium oxide layer quickly forms, but for BZP and galvanised, you may wish to touch-up the nut with a spray of corrosion protection spray paint.

Kinmar Permanent One Way Nuts

Kinmar Permanent One Way Nuts have the advantage that the nut can be torqued to your preferred level. These nuts are driven by the corresponding size of Kinmar One Way Driver. They come in a range of materials/finishes for different levels of corrosion protection.

Removable Security Nuts

Removable security nuts can only be removed by persons that possess the corresponding installation/removal tool

Pin Torx Barrel Nuts

All Barrel Nuts enclose the male thread and most of their length is below the surface of the substrate, leaving just a dome visible. This creates an attractive and safe finish. Security Pin Torx Barrel Nuts are special because they have a pin in the Torx recess that prevents a normal Torx driver from installing or removing the nut. This will discourage most malicious individuals, but pin Torx drivers can be acquired quite easily, so these nuts should not be solely relied upon for critical applications. Use a variety of sizes to increase the number of bits that a vandal or thief would have to match to the screws in order to disassemble the structure.

Kinmar Removable Two Way Nuts and Scroll (or Wave) Nuts

These nuts offer greater security than pin-based fasteners because both driving systems are protected by patents and the drivers are only sold to Kinmar/Scroll fastener users, so the number in existence is comparatively small. This greatly decreases the chance of unauthorised removal of nuts.