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Roofing & Cladding

Browse our range of Roofing & Cladding Fasteners. We supply Roofing Screws, Roofing Bolts and Roofing Washers.

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  • Hook Bolts with Nut - Yellow Zinc Plated YZP

  • Round Roofing Washers BZP

  • Roofing Drive Screws - Galvanised

  • Roofing Slate Hooks

  • Copper Slate Clips

  • Copper Disc Rivet - 3/4"


6 Item(s)

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Your roof is incredibly important and must be built to withstand corrosion and damage from the weather and environment.

We supply Roofing Fasteners which are designed to be durable, strong and long lasting. Explore our range today.